Precious Rubies

”IMA DO,  Her Tomorrow Never Comes”  — Why will this ebook affect over 7 million people?


“I can completely identify with ImaDo. I’ve walked in her shoes many times. I initially condemned ImaDo as a pathetic doormat, but then I realized that I was a little angry with MYSELF for those same behaviors. Nicely written, conversational and entertaining. Thanks for the personal note!”
Love and blessings to you,

I just read your book. The characters are extremely recognizable, as were your examples.  I especially liked your six questions to self, yet found myself longing for more of your insights/wisdom on how to break the cycle, etc. There are so many variables to procrastination, this could become a book with many chapters. Any book that provokes thought and  action is always a hit!  Congratulations on walking out your dream, may you find many new endeavors to come. Blessings,  ~Roseann Haggerty

“I have had the extraordinary privilege of getting to know Ima Do’s creator, Kimyon Zari. Her story is your story; her challenges have been your challenges; her love is your love. Only an angel could have created the beautiful and simple story of Ima Do and put it out there to help millions of people; you connect the dots. Enjoy your own transformation as you absorb every word of Ima Do.  Your heart will thank you for it!”

Empowerment Coach, LLC

Why will this ebook affect over 7 million people?

Procrastination has a way of robbing and cheating us out of creating a great life.  Of course, we have the best intentions, but then life gets in the way and we lose interest or just forget about our plans all together.

Ima Do is a comical character with a powerful message demonstrating one-week worth of distractions that is simple, yet real in our lives today. Oh, we deny them, but if we really think about it people, things, circumstances,  and our own thoughts can keep us from living our lives with joy.  If you want something done, then make it happen.

A quick easy read, Ima Do and her friends mirror for us that when we say, Ima Do this, that & the other thing tomorrow, we are really saying no to what is important to our lives now.  After reading Ima Do and/or listening to the story on mp3, take a good look in the mirror to see if Ima Do (still) mirrors you.

In this ebook, you will learn that:

SELF-TALK will either hold you back or move you into action and create time and space just for you.

SELF-LOVE will teach you how to break free of doing what other people are telling you to do and discover the Diamond in You.

SELF-MASTERY will help you discover the source of your underperforming behaviors and learn how to show up courageous.

Ima Do will be delivered to you in an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) format.  Acrobat is compatible with all PC and Macintosh computers.

Ebook – with colorful artwork created & designed by me, The Diamond Coach  $7.00

Thank you for supporting my first effort.

Click on her home page:

~~In the future~~
Ima Do also will be available in Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, German,
& Japanese.

My Ima Do:
“I was determined to become an author before the end of 2009. I
met my goal Sept. 26, 2009”

What’s your Ima Do for 2012?





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