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Diamond Coach, what is this about?

“Turning Pain into a Passionate Enterprise”

My contribution to the field of authentic coaching is multi-faceted. While some may think
that imparting a few words of encouragement is all that there is to coaching, 1 Diamond
attempts to leave people with more than catchy slogans and mindless mantras. For one,
“real people” – who have real experiences that have in some way motivated them to cope
and relate in new ways–is why 1 Diamond Coaching, Inc. breathes.

I am dealing with my own pain (i.e., the death of loved ones, the end of long-term friendships,
romantic betrayal, and the realization of my own mortality and physical limitations), which is
why  I can use my experiences in ways that encourage people to get to where it hurts, relate to
their pain, and begin what is often a long, slow healing process to VICTORY!

FOR ME.  This ain’t just any game show.  We’re here to win lives and experience joy!

Serving from “A Diamond Mine”  

I became an entrepreneur first to serve, and second to reap the benefits of my service as
promised. 1 Diamond Coaching, Inc. did not emerge from a family tradition, silver spoons,
or a prestigious education.  On the contrary, 1 Diamond Coaching, Inc. blossomed from my pain.
Entrepreneurship is not just about material possessions and making money.  That’s
just a small superficial part.  The core of working for self, in my heart, is to break through
fears and inhibitions. Working for Self challenges me to free my soul on all fronts while serving
God and helping you to shine, thus illuminating myself.  That’s just good authentic business.
After we’ve done the real work, the blessings are bound to follow.

Because people often feel isolated when facing their challenges and emotions, I thought if they
had a personal confidante they could talk with or attended seminars, they could find support from
other people facing similar challenges. My contribution as The Diamond Coach is to assist people
by listening to their ideas and concerns, and in turn, provide them with a blueprint for living their
Diamond Life.

Zari: “Stop living vicariously through someone else’s template. Play your own game and  




What Is A Good Business?

I ask myself this question for all business table topics, but it is especially important when
you are considering a network marketing business.  What is it about this business that makes
me want to get up in the morning?  What is the criterion that energizes my insides?

Life coaching is a good business. First and foremost coaching allows you to transform your
life from the core. You learn how to unplug those belief systems that have held you back for
far too long. When you couple personal development with financial edification, you begin to
realize that you can create a life of joy and self preservation. (Romans 15:4). You build this
life over time by tuning in to yourself and all your channels, creating new beliefs (a renewed
mind) and recharging energy that you forgot existed.

You’ll learn that what’s important to you may not be important to others. And really most of us
haven’t figured out what’s important to us. So I jotted down a few notes that I think is important
when asking the question ‘what is a good business?’ Wanna hear it…here it go:

A Good Business is:

1. A challenge – stepping out of ones comfort zone

2. A transition – changing our ineffective ways

3. A transformation – making over our life

4. A team – knowing your’re not alone

5. An organization – collaborating with like minds

6. A movement – swimming downstream with a purpose

7. A lifestyle – living a life you created

…enabling us to do more than we’ve ever done before. And no matter which line you read, it
always connects back to the previous one. Now that’s a Good Business!

1 Diamond’s 4C’s Brand

“Every time I find the meaning of Life, they change it.”

~Author Unknown

What I know after all these years is that experience turns into wisdom.  My life
experiences taught me to address my pain in a way that I could relate and resolve
the challenge with ease.  Tired of struggling within, I decided to take what I know
and love, and shape it into a business, sharing my findings along the way.  My
system is based on the diamond’s 4C’s method, but related to pain.

Be mindful that you don’t have to find your purpose; it’s like Prego, it’s already in
there.  It’s the essence of who you are.  Of course, we all have had to ride on the
roller coaster of life, bumping against the sides, going against the winds, and scared
out of our minds.  One thing I learned, don’t wrestle in mess too long.  When we
hurt  too much unnecessarily, take it as a sign to reposition yourself and sail in
calmer waters.

Performance which can be measured:


Clarity: What is the challenge?

Carat:  How heavy is it?  What feeling do you get from this weight?

Color:  What color is your pain?  What does it look like on you?

Cut:  Let’s start the process…


Cut:  Eliminate the scraps

Shape:  Outline Goals & Objectives

Mold:  Create Mission & Vision

Sand:  Smooth out Character & Purpose

Polish:  t/Individual & Business daily

Remember, everything must change.

©Zari, 2009

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